Digital rights and innovation at the center of the discussion for the annual meeting of the Spanish IGF


The Internet Governance Forum in Spain has announced its seventh edition for the
28th and 29th of November, which will be held at the Secretary of State for the
Information Society and the Digital Agenda (SESIAD) in Madrid.

The Secretary of State for the Information Society and the Digital Agenda, Mr. Jose
María Lassalle Ruiz, and Mr. Jorge Pérez Martínez, IGF Spain Coordinator, will open
the event.

The Internet Governance Forum in Spain (@gobernanzadeinternet), coordinated by
Prof. Jorge Pérez, plays a fundamental role in stimulating the debate, raising public
awareness and bringing together all parties involved in a broad selection of topics. This
year, the discussion will revolve around innovation and digital rights, which is the
topic selected or the session organized by the NRIs for the next global meeting in
Geneva between the 18 and the 21 December 2017.
Particularly, the focus of the debate will address the following issues:

  • Internet and jurisdiction in a global world
  • The balance between services’ innovation and privacy
  • Withdraw of content, freedom of expression and content control in social
  • The “filter bubble” and its impact on the behavior of citizens and organizations
  • Labor rights in the digital ecosystem
  • The value of data
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain and its governance
  • 5G and net neutrality

The sessions will be moderated by journalists specialized in each topic, who will help to
reach out to a wider audience.

The Internet Governance Forum in Spain aims to provide an open and decentralized
space for the debate on the policies that facilitate Internet sustainability and
robustness. The panels will leave a wide space for open participation of assistants,
who will be encouraged to bring their own ideas and suggest debates.
IGF Spain 2017 is supported by Fundación Telefónica, Fundación Vodafone, Google,
Orange, and, along with the collaboration of users and professional
associations in the field: Asociación de Internautas, AMETIC, ANEI y Asociación de
Usuarios de Internet.

Further information and all the details can be found at

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