Gemma Galdón

Directora de Eticas Research and Consulting

Dr. Gemma Galdon-Clavell is a leading voice on technology ethics and algorithmic
accountability. She is the founder and CEO of Eticas Consulting, where she is
responsible for leading the management, strategic direction and execution of the Eticas

Her multidisciplinary background in the social, ethical and legal impact of data-
intensive technology allowed her and her team to design and implement practical
solutions to data protection, ethics, explainability and bias challenges in AI.

She conceived and architected the Algorithmic Audit Framework technology which now
serves as the foundation for Eticas flagship product, the Algorithmic Bias Tracker. 
Under Galdon-Clavell’s leadership, Eticas has forged the development of a new market
in digital ethics and trustworthy AI, reaching all verticals including social services,
healthcare, finance, government, education, cybersecurity and more. 

She also serves as a tech ethics adviser at international and national public and private
organisations, and is a sought-after keynote speaker and media contributor with the
mission to shift the way we think about technology.

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